Thursday, 24 November 2016

The crazy motat adventure.narrative writing

      One day at Pt England School  Team 4 had a trip to Motat. And The Teachers said we are going to have fun today. Then a Guy came because we were going to Motat he said what do you feel like about the trip and I said gay.He said that's kinda  dope and I said yeah when we got to Motat they said find a partner and I picked Leonardy and he said  bring Stephen Curry which Is his Uncle. And I said to Stephen curry ima fan of your Basketball Team Golden State Warriors. and he said cool because he is the 3rd best player in the world.     

and i said check properly and he did and he was grabbed and I saw someone was throwing webs at Stephen Curry and Leonardy and It was a giant spider he was shooting webs out of Its place where they do their webs. and I dodged them all Then I saw zombies at the door and I tried finding a gun and I said I know there weakness I said is getting Shot in the mouth.

Then when I found my gun I killed the giant spider.  I saved my friends and I Gave them a gun because there was heaps of zombies and we were shooting. And there were still coming so I found a bazooka in my bag and then I shoot It all and then water  came out of them because I knew that Zombies blood were water.

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