Friday, 26 August 2016

maths problem solving


WALT: create mood in our writing. At the the Rio Olympics  2016 stadium.   When  I was on the podium i heard all of the fans of my country New Zealand.  I  saw a lot of  fireworks and the ground shaking like earthquake. It was so loud i cannot hear anything but i heard all the fireworks and the people stomping their feet on the ground then everyone started yelling at me saying go New Zealand.   

Friday, 19 August 2016

Kennedy Egg sprits

Nz Olympic mascot

My name is Jonathan the kiwi   I’m a 2016 Nz Olympics mascot I  am the fast mascot ever.   My favorite  thing as a mascot  to play rugby union.  I am also funny supportive. And i am friendly  he can also
 My special power i  can  fly.  And shot balls in the hoop  using fire. I can also spread joy using fizzy drinks. I can also make fire with my beak by shooting when i blow it up.: I  live in the forest. Were the trees are he lives inside a tree.  And a bush he is a kiwi that has power. Also i can make cartoons come true.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

egg sprint race

On Monday  morning room 9 went to the park  where Mr Bax told as what to do  with our egg. We had to go put my egg on the spoon and go and sprint over one thing and  go under 1 thing.
my eggs name was Reedy . My egg came from jamaica my egg looked like are japanese. He had brown hair and a he had a white shirt.

mr bax told us what to do and he said ready get set go and i sprinted to the end and i dropped my egg. My egg had are little crack and i ran to the end i came first in the race.
eggs. My favorite part about the egg race was dropping our eggs.