Tuesday, 6 December 2016

animal Racing

Animal Racing!
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It is the 2016 Pt England animal race. This is not a normal race! In this race you get to ride whatever animal you want.    
Write a crazy story about this animal race that you and your friends had. Write about what animal you chose to race with and what animal your friends picked.
Then what happened during the race?
Did anything crazy happen?
Who won?

On Friday morning  our teacher Mr Baxendine Told us to bring our Pets to school. And i said why then he said because we are going to have a pet race. An i said oooh so that explains why there is a track on the field. On Monday morning we were going to start  the race i brang my fastest pet a hippo when my race started my pet was running fast as then he past the finish line then he got medal.

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  1. Hey Kennedy, my name is Miss Morgan and I am from Gilberthorpe School in Christchurch. What a cool thing to write about! I especially like that you chose a hippo! I am wondering which medal he got? Was it First or Second or Third even? I would really like to read some more of your work! Have you made any drafts this year? Blog you later, Miss M