Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I feel like a superhero when I'm on the playground because when I pick up rubbish I feel like flash running fast around the park picking up rubbish. And when I swing i feel like superman because when I swing it make me fly and he is the strongest out of the superheroes. When I fly like I can just lift up the park and swap the big park with the little park. I wish I was are superhero in real life. The superhero I want to be is the flash mixed up with green lantan and superman then hulk. Those are the superhero mixed up powers that I what I want in are 100 years. I ment in the feature I want my powers that is when I am dead that is when I want my powers. That Is my favourite powers when I am dead.

Monday, 9 November 2015


This graph shows room 13 favortie fruit

Shape tangram puzzle

This is my shape picture.  In my shape I can see triangle,squares and parallelogram.

The weekend

On the weekend I went to guy Fawkes. We bought all the bad boy fireworks when we used the fireworks it was burning the grass because it was the bad boys fireworks. Me and my family had fun on guy Fawkes my family had more fireworks but I told them don't do it and my family said ok kennedy and I said thank you.

On Halloween I went trick or treating. The costume I Was in was the scream. I scared everyone I trick or treated. Everybody was scared of me because  they thought I was a killer but I wasn't. They thought I had are real knife but i didn't. I was laughing at everybody with are scary voice.

Friday, 6 November 2015


My dinosaur name is blueberry saurus it lives in the moon. My dinosaur eats blueberries from people that  run and get the blueberries off the people. The dinosaur runs like flash and gets the blueberries.

My blueberry saurus likes to run that how he is good at running. The blueberries saurus has blueberrie spikes on his back. And my blueberry saurus has two feet and it ten foot tall. But funny thing that my dinosaur has is two tiny hands.

My dinosaur has are head like a Tyrannosaurus rex. That's how it can eat one hundred blueberries. My dinosaur Likes to eat ice cream osarus to that what my dinosaur likes to eat. That is my dinosaur favorite food.

My blueberriesarus  is nickname is sharp teeth berrie. It like a Tyrannosaurus rex but my dinosaur is different because it is nice to people.   The special thing about my dinosaur is that he loves to be pet by a person.

My Dinosaur lived 66 million years ago that is when my dinosaur died.