Thursday, 10 December 2015

Reflections 2015

Yellow hat what was really good this year. The good thing about this was going to all my trips.The first trip I went to was motat it was a museum. I didn't know it was a museum  it was cool the thing about this was going to the swimming pools it was fun because we get to play in the water.

This year I learned how to use technology. Because this year we went to google expectation. It was in the Whare Fono, Google expectation is cardboard and are phone it is cool because this tablet controls the phone and it said waiting for the teacher but this cool thing I'm going to tell that you can go anywhere you want.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Last week on Friday kapa haka went to spark in the city. The kapa haka kids were performing to spark because they are the ones who gave as chromebooks and wifi. After we performed we get to have some Kai because we performed beautify to spark and this lady gave as Kai I loved my food was nice because I had are chicken sandwich it has egg and salad then tomatos. That is why I liked my food because it had healthy in it. Then we sing our song it was Rona that song was cool then we Did the haka like what the all blacks dose in there games I was doing it the bad boy way.