Thursday, 7 April 2016

sense writing the messy room

I went to my sister's  room and I saw heaps of hamburgers and are mcchicken.  and smelly socks. And i saw something  on my bed i went to go and look at it but it was mountain dew because it was red. I said  how did mountain dew on  my bed i told someone to clean my  sisters room and i said hurry up and clean and i said hurry or i will tell you to get out and i will clean your room and she said ok. Then i saw dominos and i said what is that smell and it was her pile of stinky clothes   

Friday, 1 April 2016

the wild night

Last Tuesday I was at home  playing games. Then I heard the wind blowing my glass of water down then  heard thunder.  

It was 10 o'clock I creeped into my and went to sleep. I heard thunder and wind blowing my mirror and then I woke up and went to see what was happening down stairs. And I saw blue glowing eyes outside. Then it was my cat i remember that I gave him glow in the dark glass.

When I went to check what happen down stairs I smell something rotten and it was the rotten apples but it was in the bin then I said how did it get out of the bin. Then the wind was blowing the dishes on the ground. And again when I went back to sleep I heard my brother falling down from the bed then it started to stop being windy. When I woke up I got scared when I woke up last night it was so scary.